apple server status

Hackers Attack Apple Server And Sometimes It’s Status Down

An unusual Apple server status appeared after it was attacked by hackers from Eastern Europe, though some rumors also mention China as the country where Apple server attack comes from. These are just investigations, and nothing is known for sure for now. We only know that Apple server down was being witnessed by a lot of people worldwide as they read the news about this crime.

That’s why there are problems with activation after factory unlock. In the previous post you can see how to fix iPhone activation problems after IMEI unlock. But this methods don’t sometimes because of cyber attacks.

Who would think that we could see the message saying “Apple server not available” and “..try again later“after similar attacks on Facebook and Twitter? Would you ever believe it was possible to let Apple server down? Personally I thought it was fantastic, still it has happened.

apple server status

Criminals or hackers attack Apple server on purpose. It’s understood. And they are linked to folks from Eastern Europe, according to Bloomberg. Investigators even mention Russia and Ukraine as countries where hackers who let Apple server down 2013 might be located.

China is also linked to the attacks. Thus it’s difficult to say for sure who is responsible for the unbelievable Apple server status.

So what exactly happened? How did hackers Apple server down making it “not available” and “not responding?”

As the Cupertino-based company reports, its workers’ laptops were infected by unknown malware that got past Java vulnerability. We do know that Java plug-in for web browsers isn’t perfect and it can truly let the malware pass through.

Of course, the infected machines are now isolated from the company’s network, as no one wants bad guys steal data or do other things. Even though Apple believes no data left it, there is no evidence it didn’t happen during DDoS attacks on Apple server and iPhone activation problems. The source of this malware hasn’t been found yet.

There are rumors that the attacks came through site devoted to iPhone developer community. And Apple server status  It is believed to have been hosting the infected code that could make the way onto computers of iOS company employees.

The exploit on OS X machines is patched by Apple, and the Java Web applet is removed in the new upgrade released on Tuesday.

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