iPhone Vodafone Christmas Deals 2015

Great iPhone Vodafone deals are announced by the major UK and German network. If you are looking for the new device for Christmas it might be a good time to get the gifts and promotions the carrier offers.

If you are in Europe and happen to visit Germany or live there, you can get the discounts Vodafone Germany offers this Xmas season and even unlock iPhone Vodafone distantly using SIM IMEI factory unlocking service which is fast, simple, affordable and remote. When you are unlocked you can connect to any network across the world, including Vodafone, AT&T and other well-known mobile operators.

Vodafone Deals Xmas 2015

Fans of Samsung gadgets can get nice deals on the company’s smartwatch. Unfortunately, Apple Watch doesn’t seem to be available with huge discounts like other watches offered through Vodafone in Germany. Does the offer include iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus?

The ad doesn’t mention any Apple gadgets but you can check this out if you can visit your local German Vodafone iPhone store until December 23rd. The deals will last only till then. Maybe your local store has some interesting iPhone deal you’ll be happy to get in time for Christmas 2015. If it does, it could be a wonderful iPhone Vodafone deal for the holidays.

Remember that you can get the locked version without issues because thanks to distant factory unlocking you will always be able to become SIM unlocked within 24 hours or a couple of days. This way you’ll get a chance to choose your network and data plans on-the-go.

iPhone 6 LTE Bands Bring Vodafone VoLTE Service to Spain

iPhone 6 LTE bands offered by Vodafone UK carrier have become available in two new countries. The mobile operator brought its VoLTE technology to Spain and Italy. It also promises to provide better service in these two new markets.


According to news, Vodafone Spain LTE launch allows subscribers to use this voice-over option at no cost. You just have to own the device that is compatible with VoLTE technology and iPhone 6 / 6 Plus are the two smartphone models that support it. Apple should soon unveil the next-generation handsets [rumors name them iPhone 6S and 6S Plus] that will also support voice-over-LTE.

Before you consider iPhone Vodafone Spain unlock you should also learn that other brands can also be used on this service. The list includes Samsung Galaxy S5 / S6 / S6 Edge, LG G3 / G4, Sony Xperia Z3 / Z3 Compact along with popular Apple gadgets. This list is supposed to grow in the coming months as the mobile operator assures it will add more handsets that are compatible with VoLTE.

Users in Italy can also use Vodafone’s new service at no cost. Both countries have a lot of Vodafone subscribers because this network covers 75 percent of Spain’s population and 84 percent of Italy’s population boasting over 5.7 million subscribers in total.

The UK-based carrier also expands its LTE network in Germany. It has big plans and wants to bring the service to additional four million households in the next year. If this happens Vodafone will provide coverage to 90 percent of local users.

Do you have Vodafone iPhone or other device? It is possible to SIM unlock your phone if you don’t want to be locked to one network only. Even though this mobile operator continues to expand it is not the only carrier present in these areas. You can have a choice of data plans and service only when you are factory unlocked.

How to Unlock Your UK iPhone for Free [O2, Vodafone, Virgin Mobile]

Before you will learn how to unlock iPhone in the UK for free and become free from your carrier you should first make sure that you are not unlocked already. Take any SIM card that doesn’t belong to your main network and insert it into your iPhone 6 or 5, 5S. Just remember that the iPhone 4S needs a MicroSIM which is bigger from what iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5c and 5 need.

So once you are sure that you have a different SIM card [different from your mobile operator] and it is of the correct size, insert it into your SIM tray. Do you see the signal? If the signal appears you are fine and don’t even need to learn how to unlock iPhone 6 Vodafone, Virgin Mobile, O2 or any other carrier. If you are asked to insert a correct SIM or get a message about an invalid card or a card that can’t be accepted or there is no signal, you are locked to one network only.


How to Unlock O2 iPhone in the UK

We’ll add that it is simpler to unlock iPhone O2 UK by IMEI factory service, but we’ll still explain how you can do this directly from the carrier though it takes more time and is pretty expensive. This operator allows subscribers who are out of contract to fill an unlock form and pay either £15 [$23] or get the free unlock [which isn’t confirmed on the site].

You can give it a try and contact O2 to make sure you are eligible for direct unlocking service or just do the following thing. According to this carrier, non-O2 consumers can insert any SIM into their iPhone and connect to iTunes to become automatically unlocked. Give it a try, why not?

Just remember that you can unlock iPhone 5, 5S and earlier models through O2 and this carrier said that it had no plans for unlocking iPhone 6 Plus and 6 for a while.


How to Unlock iPhone Virgin Mobile UK [Tesco Mobile]

If you have a new smartphone that was bought recently from Virgin Mobile it has to be already unlocked. According to the carrier, any older iPhone units that were locked to this network can be unlocked automatically once you update your iOS to iOS 8.1.3 which is the latest official public version of mobile firmware for Apple smartphones.

Tesco Mobile agrees to unlock only iPhones that are out of contract. You can call 0345-301-4455 to order the service directly from this carrier but first find out how much it will cost you. Remember you can order factory IMEI unlock instead.


How to Unlock iPhone Vodafone UK

If you have a Vodafone account or know the information about your iPhone previous owner who had such an account you can order unlock directly from Vodafone. The carrier promises to respond to your request within 48 hours and unlock your smartphone within the next 10 days if you are eligible.

Users who had their Vodafone data plan for over 12 months can become unlocked for free, but everyone else has to pay £19.99 [$31].