T Mobile Video Throttling Issue Worries EFF

iPhone users who are using T-Mobile network can experience T Mobile video throttling problem. It has been noted by EFF that found out that the network’s Binge On technology throttles all videos users watch.

At first, when iPhone T-Mobile users learned about upcoming Binge On option they believed it would be win-win option for them. A lot of iPhone owners joined T Mobile network because of this addition. The network got many new subscribers thanks to it. However, as time passes by, the feature that can optimize your video content doesn’t look that attractive especially when it results in T-Mobile throttling videos on all smartphones.


All video streaming services can join the program at no cost. The optimizing feature was supposed to save data and Hulu, Netflix and similar services quickly jumped onboard the new Binge On option from T-Mobile. Users were happy as they could video stream their favorite sources without paying for extra data.

Not all major service joined the option. For example, YouTube is not part of Binge On option offered by T-Mobile and some other companies that never joined the program soon found out that even their videos were optimized.

Google quickly announced that T-Mobile was throttling all videos and not optimizing them. The network responded that it was optimizing and not throttling videos for users. The EFF [Electronic Frontier Foundation] had to react and it put the carrier’s claim to test. It tested the Binge On option and announced that the mobile operator indeed throttles HTML5 videos to 1.5Mbps no matter if the network is capable of delivering faster speeds or not.

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Have you noticed any throttling from T-Mobile lately?

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