What Should We Expect from iPhone 6 Event September

The iPhone 5s was introduced last year in October, and since that time all people that somehow connected with Apple company have been waiting for something new. The iPhone 6 is a new generation cell phone. The two much wanted: features a larger screen and considerably longer battery life we all expect to see in this Smartphone.  

 And now everyone is waiting for iPhone 6 September 9th event. Because we will see the result of the Apple company work that has been lasting for few year. The iPhone 6 event September could be the biggest Apple has had since the  introduction of the original iPhone in 2007.


Shortly about the iPhone 6 event September

Though it was many unclear suggestions about this iPhone 6 and its details. Now one exactly knew what the Fruit Company will show as on September 9th event. Also the next phone might not even be called “iPhone 6,” leaving us to guess at names such as iPhone, iPhone L, iPhone Air, and iPhone Pro. But various publications started receiving invites for a September 9th. This introduction this going to be held at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino at 10:00 am.

As for the design of iPhone 6 will have chamfered edges sloping into the backplate and a camera lens that slightly protrudes from the main body of the device. This features it will borrow from the 5th generation iPhone. Rumors suggest that the device’s TrueTone flash will be round, which will bettter match the circular iSight camera lens. No new backplate colors. As with the iPhone 5s we’re likely to see the same gold, silver, and space gray bodies.

The new design will likely make adjusting the phone’s position in hand much easier with naturally being thinner than its predecessor. And will also be more rounded on the edges, feeling less sharp and square.  The edges of the display also seem to curve into the bezel of the phone. It will make a gently oval edge around the entire device.

The volume buttons will be recessed into the side of the iPhone 6 and the power button will be relocated to the side of the device.

Two Sizes

After the Apple company got much criticism over the small, 3.5-inch and 4-inch screen sizes of its phones, it is now set to produce two considerably large devices: to have 4.7- and 5.5-inch displays. The bigger one will be shown some month later this year.

two sizes
One more significant characteristic of two differently sized Smartphone is that the larger 5.5-inch device will have a considerably larger internal storage space for hardware components. This could have an explication that Apple has some exclusive features reserved for the larger Phone 6, including Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). And a hardware component for the camera that reduces motion blur in photos and videos.


The iPhone 6’s screen is reported to be made of the extremely hard gemstone in with other components, resulting in a nearly indestructible front display.

Under the highly durable glass will exactly  be considerably more pixels. But how many pixels, and how dense they will be is still the theme of speculation. Possible screen resolutions include 1472×828 for the 4.7-inch model and 1704×960 for the 5.5-inch model.


 The iPhone 6’s camera will still have 8-megapixels with upgrades focusing on optics. The camera in the iPhone 6 is certain to be a vast upgrade in the way of optics. We will see its advantages on iPhone 6 event September.

Along with the usual sensor upgrades is rumored to come OIS. It is a hardware component built into the camera that works to reduce shakiness in videos and blurring in photos.


 The Apple is developing a mobile payments system to be integrated with Passbook this fall, rumors of the iPhone 6 containing a Near-Field Communications (NFC) chip have been prevalent. Together with Touch ID NFC technology would work to streamline the process of securely making payments from an iPhone.

While NFC technology has been in Android phones for a while now, it hasn’t gained much traction among the general public because it is a very popular way of paying for items. it will very likely become a normality that NFC should be included in the iPhone 6 as a payment method.


The Apple’s A8 chip is expected to reach 2.0GHz or more per core. This is a huge increase over the A7 1.3GHz (iPhone 5s) and an incredibly fast mobile processor in general, especially when considering its 64-bit architecture.

Also A8 chip will be built using the 20-nanometer process, which, compared to the A7 28nm process, makes for a smaller chip with faster performance while using less energy.

One more improvement is that the iPhone 6 will include a barometric pressure sensor, which could be used for anything from indoor and outdoor navigation to crowd-sourced weather analysis. But its location is not known: inside or separate from the M8 chip.
The iPhone 6 September 9th event is so close. We will see the iPhone 6 in all its glory.

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