Why Are Verizon iPhone 5 SIM Slots Unlocked?

According to the recent reports, users can get the new Verizon iPhone 5 with an unlocked SIM card. Thus owners of GSM micro SIMs and nano-SIM card can use other networks with their device, and are not locked to Verizon contract only.

Is it true? Why are iPhone 5 SIM slots unlocked? We can answer these questions today.

Unlocked SIM Slot Requirement

Yes, it is true that Verizon offers unlocked iPhone 5 devices. This is the requirement by FCC Network Access Regulations, and the mobile operator can do nothing about it. They are only left to leave the sixth-generation handset with SIM slots unlocked and allow device holders to trim a micro-SIM card into a nano-SIM or use an original nano-SIM card from a GSM carrier such as AT&T, for example.

verizon iphone 5 sim slot unlocked
If last year Verizon could remotely relock the gadgets, this year the company will not do so. Yes, last year the operator unlocked Verizon iPhone 4S /4 units after two months only.

As FCC requires for Block C, all companies that are using the 700 MHz spectrum must unlock their SIM card slots, and this is the spectrum used by Verizon for the LTE network. I am sure that a lot of iPhone 5 features users who got their gadget from Verizon are happy to hear this.

Letai??i??s see what exactly the Block C paragraphs say about this requirement. As the FCCai??i??s CFR confirms, smartphone locking is prohibited, ai???No licensee may disable features on handsets it providesai??? to users and thus they cannot do anything to prohibit the use of iPhone 5 on other operatorsai??i?? networks (Title 47 Part 27.16).

Unlocked iPhone 5 and Other Networks

Even though you can get an unlocked iPhone 5 from Verizon it will not work on LTE networks of AT&T. You can use it for 3G networks only if you choose T-Mobile or AT&T and decide to transfer some information or call your friends. Still your device will support some international LTE networks. Which ones? Apple can give you the answer if you visit LTE information page on Appleai??i??s official website. But don’t forget thatyou can unlock T-Mobile as well as unlock AT&T iPhone.

Here is the list of bands supported by different iPhone 5 models.

Sprint offers consumers SIM-locked sixth-gen iPhones that can be unlocked after 3 months to use the device while traveling to foreign countries. AT&T can unlock off-contract devices.

Just keep in mind that you and only you are to select your iPhone 5 carrier.

AT&T Restricts FaceTime Over Cellular Feature for Unlimited Plan Users

at&t facetime for unlimited plans

From now all most AT&T iOS customers should be able to use FaceTime over cellular. Why do we add ai???mostai??? to iOS clients? Well, if previously the carrier opened up FaceTime over cellular to its users with iPhone 5 only [as well as to customers who had a Mobile Share plan with AT&T] and now any iPhone model is allowed using these features, there are still some restrictions for people who are connected to AT&T. Remember that AT&T wanted to block FaceTime calls and data sharing but it is another story.

The company announced in its blog that its testing proved there would be no problems if a lot of people start enjoying FaceTime over the cellular network. Thus it has decided to enable the feature for most customers at no extra charge. Yet, you must have one of AT&Tai??i??s tiered data plans and own a FaceTime compatible iOS gadget in order to get the new service working.

at&t facetime for unlimited plans

At the same time there will be no AT&T FaceTime over cellular support for unlimited plans holders so if you are a lucky owner of such a grandfathered plan you wonai??i??t be able to use FaceTime over cellular no matter what iPhone model you have. You can still get FaceTime working over Wi-Fi connection, so donai??i??t be too upset about the news.

But if you have an iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, etc. and use a tiered plan with AT&T, you can start making FaceTime phone calls at any moment using the carrierai??i??s cellular network and the company will not charge you a cent for doing so.

As the mobile operator states, its new AT&T service will roll out to clients during the next few weeks or months as the carrier has just started to update its systems. There is nothing to do but wait, as AT&Tai??i??s FaceTime for tiered plans update should start working automatically.

Which data plan do you have? What do you think about AT&T tiered plan users being able to get video calling option over cellular?

AT&T Releases Obama Inauguration Live App

Download AT&T Inauguration App

You do know that Barack Obama will be inaugurated the next week and you can watch this official inauguration live if you download AT&T Inauguration app released for iOS and Android devices this week.

The second term of Obamaai??i??s office should be interesting to observe. There is no need to fly to Washington to see this event, and in case you donai??i??t have a TV set at your office, you can follow along the news with the new application by AT&T carrier. We will shortly describe this program and provide you a direct link for download so that you can get it at once and get ready for Monday big event.

Download AT&T Inauguration App

Free App Description

What can you watch through the application? Firstly, of course, the Inauguration live event. Secondly, AT&T has added schedules, maps and various useful info to this program so that iOS and Android users who plan on visiting Washington and watching the Inauguration have a reliable source in their pocket.

Surely, news block is also present so you can learn everything about the festivities from different media resources and bloggers.

AT&T Inauguration App

Get It for Free Now

There is nothing bad if you download AT&T Inauguration app to check it out as it is free anyway. Use this link on iTunes for iPhone or go to Google Play to get it today for Android gadget, and if you have time to watch Inauguration live you will simply know a bit more than other people who wouldnai??i??t get such a chance.

It is always nice to be ahead of your colleagues and know more news, since you can be the source they get interesting facts from. You will need internet connection to enjoy all the benefits of the new AT&T application for iOS and Android devices.

Just donai??i??t forget your iPhone at home next Monday. It will be your closest source with ceremonial swearing-in of the U.S. President Barack Obama. Remember, itai??i??s January 21st you should be waiting for. In order to keep this date in mind, you can simply sign up for appai??i??s notifications.

How to Complete Official Unlock iPhone in iTunes for Other Carriers

Here you will find out how to complete sim unlock iPhone (6S, 6, 5S, 5 or 4S, 4) in iTunes after factory unlocking. When you decide to order IMEI sim iPhone unlock using official service you will always need to complete it yourself with iTunes. The process is not difficult but there are few tips and tricks which could be right solution for some iDevices.

Permanent and factory iPhone unlocking is the most popular method to free iPhone from the carrier’s chains. As you may know there are millions iPhone models around the world locked to some local carrier. There is no free solutions for that models. Of course if your iPhone still running old iOS and you unlocked it using hack software or hardware like Gevey SIM you can’t update your phone because you will lose unlock.

Only IMEI unlocking will solve that problems, after which you’ll be abe not only use any SIM card while traveling but upgrade your iphone to any new iOS and still be unlocked. All you need to know is the carrier to which your iPhone is locked. You can always check network using our cheapest IMEI checker in case you don’t know the carrier and then make an order.

factory unlock iphone

There is nothing simpler that order at our service. We created tutorial guide to show you how it works, so you can use it before we start here.

How to unlock iPhone?

This guide answers the questions of “How to unlock iPhone?” and help you in further unlock any iPhone include 6S, 6, 5S, 5C, 5 and old models 4S, 4!


If you use such unlocking solutions as Gevey SIM, R-Sim (and other SIM methods) or SAM unlock you will need to activate your iPhone with original SIM card first and only then order unlock here. The fact that these solutions spoof your iPhone IMEI and you need insert original SIM card into iPhone and connect it to iTunes, because only then your device will be recognized and returned to Apple database.

After you purchase factory IMEI sim unlock iPhone at our site wait for the last email with further instructions. These guidelines will help you to complete unlocking process in iTunes. But sometimes there are minor problems, so let’s go through them.

How to Unlock iPhone:Ai??Complete Factory unlockAi??in iTunes

Because of iOS 8 bug iPhone can be relocked after update to this version. To avoid such issue please follow easy steps below:

Put GSM Sim of not supported carrier in iPhone. Don’t place original Sim card if you did not use SAM or Gevey (read Attention above).

1. After receiving email that your iOS 7 iPhone has been unlocked, you should activate new unlocked status.
2. Remember on this case use Wi-Fi iPhone activation guide not iTunes.
3. Find an active WiFi connection.
4. Take the original SIM card of the carrier your iDevice are locked to and insert other SIM that was not supported before.
5. On the screen youai??i??ll see table ai???Activation Requiredai???
6. Connect your iPhone to active WiFi network and iOS system will do all the work needed and then activate your new status.
7. After you iDevice has been activated you can install iOS 8 using WiFi or iTunes. You got rid from relocked problem.

There are two ways to complete the unlock process for your iOS 8 iPhone.

How to Unlock iPhone Without Restoring in iTunes

Step One: Connect iPhone to the computer and open iTunes (latest version).

Step Two: In case your Apple iPhone presently working on iOS 8 disconnect gadget after iTunes finds it. Hang on ten seconds and connect iPhone again. You should see Congratulations message.

factory unlock iphone

Note 1: If something wrong happens, for instance, iTunes will freeze then just disconnect your iPhone from USB, close iTunes then connect the unit again and launch iTunes.

Note 2: Sometimes there’s no Congratulations message but wait for the network signal which would be mean that iPhone is factory unlocked.

Note 3: If your gadget still running iOS 7 or lower you will have to upgrade it using WiFi first.

update iphone in iTunes
Note 4: There’s yet another method to complete the procedure. Insert SIM card of the carrier you want to use (not original) and go to Settings => general => Reset => Reset Networks. Now just wait for the signal. Also try to enable and disable Airplane mode.

reset network settings iphone
If you will fail try to restore iPhone in iTunes to complete unlock. This method almost always works.

How To Restore iPhone in iTunes to Complete Factory Unlock iPhone

Step One: Place Sim in Apple iPhone and connect it with iTunes. Backup all of your documents in iTunes or iCloud.

Step Two: After backup click Restore button.

Note: Make sure that after restoring process you choose Setup as a new iPhone:

set up as a new iphone
Step Three: Click Continue and activate your gadget. You will see the Congratulations message but sometimes it is absent. Don’t worry, because when you get the signal you will be able to make calls.

Feel free to contact our support if you have any questions about how to unlock iPhone! Also visit our FAQ to get the answers.


Exclusive AT&T Sierra Wireless Update: Mobile Internet On-the-go

AT&T Unite Sierra Wireless

From now on AT&T becomes the exclusive carrier of the AT&T Unite. Such news has been reported by the carrier in the beginning of January 2013. The update from AT&T Unite is the AT&T Sierra Wireless program, or letai??i??s put it in other words, it is the Sierra Wirelessai??i?? 4G LTE mobile hotspot presented by one of the biggest U.S. operators to its customers.

With the AT&T Unite all users of this carrier will be able to enjoy mobile internet on-the-go that is ai???easy to useai??? according to the company.

About the New Touchscreen Hotspot

The device [AT&T Unite] has a 2.4-inch display. This touchscreen hotspot is good for LTE connections. It allows customers get the connection to 10 Wi-Fi enabled gadgets, and such an option also includes a guest hotspot available to one-time users.

AT&T Unite Sierra Wireless

The U.S. operator managed to get exclusive rights to the touchscreen hotspot from Sierra Wireless. This unit makes sure users get information about their usage allowance in-time. Besides, it provides the opportunity to change network settings with ease and control what gadgets can access and tweak these settings, what devices are not allowed joining the network, etc. Of course, no additional fiddling is necessary, which is pretty good as you can manage everything from the screen.


The latest AT&T Sierra Wireless update program which allows 10 real-time connections at once sounds interesting. You should also know that you are able to add AT&T Unite to the Mobile Share data plan for extra monthly charge of $20, or choose any other data plan from AT&T [between individual and family].

According to the carrier, the new mobile hotspot will make it easier for families and friends to stay connected as they can communicate on any gadget that supports Wi-Fi.

While AT&T Unite allows tracking data consumption, the company hasnai??i??t revealed the pricing on it.

FFC Will Ban AT&T’s desicion To Block FaceTime Calls and Internet Sharing

at&t block facetime calls

If you live in US and use your iPhone as an Wi-Fi Hotspots and FaceTime video, it’s likely you are sure to hear about special tweaks that allow you to bypass the AT&T restrictions which block FaceTime and mobile Internet share to several other devices. Latst time I wrote your about AT&T block stolen iPhone and today you can find out about more AT&T restrictions.

All subscribers who want to activate this function formally obliged to pay $ 20 per month.Ai??Now AT&T is going to impose penalties on users who have decided to unlock this feature using Cydia tweaks.

at&t block facetime calls

It can be that users will face disconnection from the current tariff plan to a more expensive, and then they will have to pay AT&T the price to cover the difference between contracts. While it is not known how long a user has time, before the company begins to impose penalties. Of course, quite interesting is the fact of how AT&T is going to find out the set of special jailbreak tweaks. Apparently, not only USA operators differ desire to monopolize the market.

The representatives of the U.S. operator AT&T told reporters that the network is going to block FaceTime video calls using the mobile Internet.Ai??Today it became known that the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decided to investigate this AT&T limitation.

This was recently stated by FCC spokesman Julius Dzhenahovski during the interview. Unfortunately Julius could not officially informed of the progress of the investigation for obvious reasons. However, there is a possibility that the FCC ban AT&T blocking FaceTime calls.

IMEI Can Be Blocked by AT&T If iPhone Is Stolen

at&t block stolen iphone imei

If someone stole your iPhone, AT&T can help you: mobile operator released a new system in July 2012, which was be able to block any stolen iPhone. So the thief will not be able to use any network on your iPhone. Also it is very hard to unlock IMEI of AT&T iPhone when it is blacklisted.

The journalists reports with reference to some unnamed sources, that the AT&T block voice calls, data transfer, and the transfer of SMS-messages to devices that have been stolen. Thus the subscriber’s account will not be closed to prevent blocking the SIM-card.

at&t block stolen iphone imei

According to sources, the company allegedly sent a message to some government services that support consumers, which interlock system will be introduced some changes. According to the new message AT&T will introduce a special block list of stolen devices that service will be suspended.

To add a device to the list, you will have direct contact with the client. In addition, the company will require its customers that they remotely delete all of your data from the device, if this feature is supported on their device. AT&T give the ability to subsequently remove a device from the list of blocked devices if the users will want this.

Benefits of Remote AT&T iPhone Unlock for All Smartphone Owners

remote iPhone unlock

Even if you own AT&T iPhone or Sprint iPhone or any other iOS smartphone locked to one carrier, you might consider unlocking your handset as the best thing to do. FactoryAi?? iPhone unlock has a lot of benefits. Firstly, you can get rid of any frustrations caused by one mobile carrier network. Secondly, you can save big money using different SIM cards at home or overseas.

There are a lot of other reasons why you might like to have your iPhone factory unlocked. Here is why you need it and how it can help you in the future.

Quick Remote AT&T iPhone Unlock

Anyone from the U.S. can purchase an already unlocked iPhone 5 from Verizon, Apple and other retailers. Just keep in mind that the price of such a smartphone will be full, over $600. Or you can get a cheaper AT&T model and remotely unlock iPhone through iTunes.

remote iPhone unlock

Youai??i??ll just have to contact AT&T and request unlock. It is fast and easy, legal, official and affordable. Users who have chosen to unlock iPhone via AT&T say that you must keep your case number because the carrier often forgets to send a follow-up email with unlocking instructions. If you donai??i??t get the key email, contact the company and provide your case number to get it.

It is hard to unlock iPhone 5s AT&T for one reason. This carrier provides iPhone unlock for devices that are out of contract, and this means you should have used your device for at least two years before requesting unlock.

Here is a good advice for users who want to get a new iPhone 5 and get remote unlock at the same time. Just keep your old device and have it unlocked. Do not trade or sold it. In case you donai??i??t have an old smartphone, buy it unlocked from eBay, Amazon or other websites. Since the new model is available in the markets today, the previous units become less expensive.

Or you can use remote AT&T iPhone unlock service for less than 10 bucks right now and enjoy any other SIM card around the world.

Once you have an unlocked handset, you can save money on data plans in the U.S. You can also use your iOS device when you travel overseas and save on roaming charges because it is possible to insert nearly any SIM card into the remotely unlocked iPhone.

Of course, when you get individual cards by country you get a new phone number, but it is cheaper to make international calls this way and most cards you get can be used forever [there are mostly no monthly fees or contract with them] so you have a win-win.

How the Deal Between Steve Jobs and AT&T Transformed the Carrier

steve jobs at&t deal

This story is very interesting as one famous manai??i??s dream helped the whole company to transform. We are talking about Steve Jobs AT&T deal that has truly mobilized and transformed this mobile carrier. It all began in 2006ai??i??

Apple was trying to design a smartphone, the first iPhone. Mr. Jobs wanted to learn about the deviceai??i??s radio because he wished to develop a ai???really good phone.ai??? So he asked Ralph de la Vega from Cingular Wireless [it later became the part of AT&T Inc.] for help as network had a huge manual that explained how to develop a mobile radio device optimized for its network.

The manual contained 1,000 pages, and de la Vega emailed it to Jobs though he was called ai???crazyai??? for doing this as people inside Cingular Wireless quickly learned that Apple got what it wanted without adhering to the specs. Mr. Ralph signed an agreement with Apple so he couldnai??i??t describe the new phone to his bosses. Besides, this whole Steve Jobs AT&T deal was based on trust mostly.

steve jobs at&t deal

A Win Bet on Steve Jobs

AT&T took the chance, and it managed to usher in the smartphone era when Verizon reportedly lost it. According to Forbes, Randall Stephenson, the companyai??i??s CEO, said that the the carrier was betting on Steve Jobs and not on the phone even though it was one little device that transformed the big company.

Of course, today Verizon still has a lot of benefits, yet Steve Jobs AT&T deal helped to double carrierai??i??s traffic each year starting 2007. The mobile operator keeps spending much money developing its network and acquiring spectrum. The news states that this company has injected the most capitals into the American economy than other public firms.

One deal has changed everything. Thanks to the iPhone, AT&T started to develop the new 4G network. Yes, right now it ranks last among other huge U.S. mobile operators, but it is working and trying to improve its network and customer service.

The Perfect Deal

Mr. Stephenson is still assured that Steve Jobs AT&T deal was ai???the smartest thingai??? the company ever did. It was Stephenson who insisted to launch the new iPhone under the AT&T brand, and not Cingular Wireless. Thanks to this, even today users synonymously brand AT&T with Apple iPhone.

What did the deal bring the mobile carrier? The iPhone release allowed AT&T making its money back on customers in the first 5 months of the contract, as Apple agreed to let the company purchasing the smartphones up-front for $400 a unit and putting a 2-year contract on customers.

The 2012 brought over $120 billion sales to AT&T.

Plans for the Future

Modern smartphones are approaching saturation in America. About two-thirds of clients of AT&T have a smartphone or iPhone. The company is signing up fewer customers with each other year. Where does it plan to move?

According to Stephenson, it is time to mobilize everything. The carrier wants to work with farmers, automakers, families to push wireless sensors, automation, applications into everything possible. It is expanding its 4G LTE network across the country and investing into new fields. It goes through ups and downs, but is optimistic about the future.

The full story will be published in the issue of Forbes from January 21st, 2013.

AT&T Brings Multi Window Feature on Galaxy Note II

AT&T Galaxy Note 2 Multi Window

Users who have Samsung Galaxy Note II will enjoy new feature from AT&T. This carrier has decided to improve life for its customers and it now adds AT&T Galaxy Note 2 Multi Window feature. What is it? How can it make your life better?

We should be honest and mention that AT&T is the only big U.S. mobile operator that waited so long before pushing the Multi Window option to its client. Other three national carriers have given this feature to Samsung Galaxy Note II devices long time ago. Finally, it has arrived to AT&T customers as well.

AT&T Galaxy Note 2 Multi Window

About Multi Window Feature

The new AT&T Galaxy Note 2 Multi Window feature lets users enjoy 2 applications at once. It is possible thanks to a split-screen option which shows two apps at the same time on one display. As company has reported it its media statement, the new AT&T feature divides your screen into 2 active ai???windowsai??? and this is how you see your split screen.

Once you updated your device, start having fun with fluid multitasking between programs. Does it sound great to you? Are you an AT&T consumer with Galaxy device? You should be happy to get this option.

According to the company, the new update becomes available since December 27th. Still as this feature rolls out, it might take some time for you to get it.

Fluid Multitasking Joy

There is no need to use your Kies desktop software in order to upgrade your Galaxy Note II and enjoy Multi Window. You can use OTA option to update your gadget. Donai??i??t panic if you cannot update at once. You will do well eventually as the roll out has begun and it will reach each customer with AT&T Galaxy Note 2 device.

What do you think about this service? Do you like the update?